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 Apartment Buildings.

If you own or manage apartment buildings, you are aware of the numerous risks. Property damage by fire, electrical or chemical accident, loss from theft, and even flooding are some that come to mind.

As insurance agents, we know the possibilities – and are experts at creating coverage packages that accurately respond to a real estate owner/manager’s concerns. If disaster should visit, Gonzalez & Company ascertains your apartment building is up and running.

Condo Buildings/Associations

Gonzalez & Company crafts superb insurance plans for condominium buildings of every size and description. Most of our condo building policies include liability, property, theft, and Directors and Officers coverage.

We design programs that give owners, managers or Condo Associations access to comprehensive, customized property and liability coverage. In assessing the insurance needs of condominium buildings, we take all elements into account, including landscaping and lifestyle add-ons.

We also work with you to determine the need for umbrella insurance. The result? Perfectly suited, reasonably priced solutions with select carriers.