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Auto Servicing Garage

As an owner or manager you are probably aware that the risk factors involved in auto servicing businesses can be intricate. Gonzalez & Company‚Äôs Auto/Garage experts are  knowledgeable both about basic insurance needs, and about items that are specific to your business. We know that not all auto servicing businesses are alike and that categories vary. There are stand-alone service stations, service stations with convenience stores, light repair garages, auto body shops, and many variations and combinations.

Whatever category your business is in, it is important to have the right coverage, from property and liability to vehicles and workers compensation. We have the resources and understanding to structure an optimal, cost effective plan for you. Many plans are built around a Business Owners Program (BOP), but your policy will depend on the size and nature of your business.

Best of all, at Gonzalez & Company, we have a good grasp on the future of auto servicing and its requirements. No risk is overlooked. For example, we know how to properly structure new environmental coverage policies to cover pollution liability for now and for the future.